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BNI Referral Marketing "Success Alliance"
Dunedin, Florida Chapter

BNI provides a structured, supportive business environment in which local business people can get together to network, learn valuable new marketing skills and develop the strong personal relationships that lead to trust and the consequent generation of significant business for each other. How significant? In November of 2010, Success Alliance shattered its $1.9 million goal and hit the $2 million mark for “Thank You for Closed Business” dollars generated over a 12-month period. Just one year later, November 2011, we generated $4.2 million, doubling the revenue in just one year! Currently for the year of 2014 we are over a $5 Million Dollar Chapter! Do you want to see this chapter in action? Come visit our 67 member chapter next Tuesday to find out how!

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BNI Success Alliance members

BNI "Hunger Games" Delivers a Truckload of Food to Palm Harbor Food Pantry

Two BNI Chapters in Northern Pinellas County, Referral Net and Success Alliance recently collaborated on a fun and creative way to collect food donations for the Palm Harbor Food Emergency and Service Team (FEAST).

The event was held November 16, 2013 and is named the "Hunger Games". The idea for the event was initiated by Referral Net member Chris Clarke of Therapeutic Elements Center for Massage Therapy. He and Success Alliance member Jennifer Riston of Barkles Dog Grooming decided on Kickball, Relay and Tug-of-War, synonymous with pulling together to feed the community.

Referral Net member Phil Pasek of Fast Breaks Entertainment brought his DJ equipment and DJ'ed the event along with our own DJ Chuck Fonshell of Party Doctor productions out of the kindness of their hearts. Kathy Davenport with Up Your Sales made the Success Alliance T-Shirts with our Chapter Name on them. Everyone had a "ball"!

Collection of the FEAST food donations began several weeks prior to the event, and a virtual truckload of food was delivered to the food pantry,

Empower your business through Word of Mouth Marketing.

Successful businesses depend on "word-of-mouth" marketing as the best form of promotion. Being in BNI is like having a sales team working for you, because your fellow members will be carrying your cards and referring you to people they meet, without paying them any salaries or commission.

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Join the Success Alliance

In the BNI Dunedin “Success Alliance” chapter, we currently have 69 members, and continue growing. Our chapter has members from Dunedin, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar and Tarpon Springs. If your business is in north Pinellas County, we may be able to pass business your way!

Here are a few examples of open seat opportunities in our chapter:

Appraiser, Florist, Limousine Service, Plumber, Architect, Hair Salon, Lawn Care, Tree Services and more. Join our team!
Visit us next week to find out how you can receive a share of this business by joining BNI Dunedin "Success Alliance". Please click on the menu options at the upper-left of this page to find out more.

BNI News:

Success Alliance maintains over $5 Million in Thank You For Closed Business!

Success Alliance eclipses $4 Million!
On November 8th, 2011, our chapter announces $4.2 Million in business as a result of the group's referral marketing activities.

BNI Success Alliance Members Being Published!

Mary Orme of Affinity Marketing was recently covered by this St. Pete Times article for her new book Non-Local Flow.

Andy Svenson of The Svenson Group recently re-released the popular children's books of the 50's and 60's, The Happy Hollisters.

Dawn Balusik AP, DOM has a new 3 part nutrition series being published in Tampa Bay Wellness.

BNI Success Alliance Breaks Consecutive Records in Revenues Success Alliance has again broken a record in passing more than $2,000,000 in business revenue for its members in the last 12 months.

BNI Success Alliance Creates $1.9 Million Dollars in new Business for Chapter Members for 2010!
Success Alliance raises the bar in 2010 by receiving 12 Gold Star Awards and 8 Pinellas County MVP awards en route to creating an average seat value of $32,401 per member!

BNI Success Alliance has a new meeting place! While we are still at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church, we have moved from The Father Conmy Center to The Dubois Center to accommodate our growth. See you there!

SUCCESS ALLIANCE Passes $1,000,000+ in Closed Business for 2009!
The BNI Success Alliance breaks chapter records with over 2,300 referrals passed amounting to $1.04 million in closed business for 2009. The Success Alliance 2010 chapter goal is to achieve over $1.5 million.

New Member Dawn Balusik talks about her craft in The Tampa Tribune Hernando Health section.